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Future Classic: Jacques Greene “VSE07”

Being the reserved man he always is, international man of mystery Jacques Greene released last week an EP on his own imprint Vase as a free download.

The 5-track EP that popped up on the label’s website is a compilation of previously unreleased tracks produced by Greene himself as well as other Vase collaborators (Arclight and Zodiac) and members of his entourage (Ango and Samoyed). Initially handed out as a CD to people who attended the VSECLUB03 event in London at the beginning of the month, the release was just recently added to the official catalogue of the imprint.

Another step forward in the land where RnB and house cross over.

Download EP


1. ArclightObsidian
2. AngoPerfume (produced by Jacques Greene)
3. SamoyedMinnow
4. Jacques GreeneFaded
5. ZodiacPoints

Philippe Sawicki

Philippe Sawicki

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