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Future Classic: Pacific Shore “Mermaid Dance” ft. Sarah Linhares


We are happy to present the new single from the upcoming Pacific Shore record titled “Mermaid Dance” featuring none other than our good friend from Montreal, and great vocalist, Sarah Linhares.

We got our hands on the “Beyond the Mist” record a few weeks ago and it’s been in constant rotation. The guys known as Pacific Shore – M.Ro Wave and S. Bloom – sure know a thing or two about good timing as this record drops at the beginning of the summer, right about the time that people hop in their cars and drive to the nearest ocean (or in our sad case swimming pool). The record definitely has that summer breez feel to it.

But aside from great timing, what this record has is strong musicianship. These days too many records of the genre rely on samples for everything from the melody, the hook and the vocal. But with “Beyond The Mist” you actually get the feeling that these are original songs, and not beats. Great to see artists still believing in the power of making a full record and not just tracks for the youtube/spotify/99c download culture. This is a record you can sink your teeth into, with certain songs you’ll like right away and others that’ll grow on you.

The record comes out on France’s Cosmonostro which despite only starting in 2013 has been picking up serious steam lately with tons of great remixes (and beautiful artwork)

“Beyond the Mist” Release Party – Paris, Tuesday June 17th @ ParisParis Club w/ Le Mellotron DJ’s

Also check out this great mini-movie.

ON @Cosmonostro



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