Future Classics

Future Classic: Sid Roams “Budapest Synth Orchestra”

Producer tag team Sid Roams (made up of beatsmiths Joey Chavez and Tavish ‘Bravo’ Graham) stay on some other shit. They helped revitalize the QB sound by lacing Prodigy during his 2008 run on H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 and Product of the ’80s, as well as weed carriers Ty Nitty and Twin Gambino. When they aren’t chipping in on the boards for the likes of Strong Arm Steady, Bad Meets Evil and Evidence, they’re, well… On some other shit.

Enter Budapest Synth Orchestra, a rumored instrumental trilogy rife with Kraftwerk-esque breaks the duo’s manipulated over the course of their career. The first two parts have been floating about on the Innanet since at least December 2010 but part three has yet to surface. I leave you with Movement I, invite you to Google Movement II and advise you to stay tuned for the impending release of Movement III.



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