G L O W Z I – in 10 Records

The world’s first “around the clock” musical marathon dedicated to vinyl records & DJ culture returns for its unmissable annual edition at the Nuit Blanche in Montréal.

Casino of Montréal presents the 21st edition of the 24 Hours of Vinyl, part of the official Nuit Blanche in Montréal programming.

In honour of her upcoming set at our beloved 24 Hours of Vinyl event, we wanted to have a talk with Montreal’s G L O W Z I about… records! What else!?

Tell us about one record you’re gonna play at 24HOV

I recently purchased Potatohead People’s “Big Luxury” vinyl and absolutely love every single featured track. The intro song (titled: “Intro (No Device)”) features a sample of an airplane boarding message. As I love to refer to my DJ sets as “sonic voyages”, I will open my set with the latter track.

What is the last record you bought?

Dan Kye – Small Moments

One record from your want list you’d love to find

KIKI GYAN – 24 Hours In A Disco

Perfect lazy sunday record

OXP Swing Convention – Nothing But Net

Your most influential teenage years record

Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly

What would be your post-pandemic peaktime DJ set record

Hardrive ‎– Deep Inside

A Quebec or Canadian record you love


Guilty pleasure record

George Benson – Gimme The Night

A record you’ve paid serious money for (but don’t regret buying)

Ayizan – Dilijans

Record you love playing that clears the floor every time

Jill Scott – Gimme / He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat) (Illegal Remix)

Record someone gave you recently (if you like it of course)

Coupé Cloué et L’Ensemble Sélect – Map Di!…

Record you’d give your 10 year old self

Orchestre Tropicana – Outside



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