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Future Classic: IAMNOBODI “Imani (Jakarta Dubplate #9)”


The keys to the soul.

Slow jams for the whip, at night, when you just need a drive. Big, warm, hugging bass, some beautiful chords, shaker and arp flourishes, soulful saxophone loops. It’s just what one needs to take their mind off of things even if only for a little bit. IAMNOBODI‘s “IMANI (Jakarta Dubplate #9)” on the all-releases-gold label Jakarta Records infuses his contemporary electronic beats sound with the classic rnb and neo-soul. It reminds me of something that would go well with a Whoarei track, maybe “Adore”.

With tempos staying around the 140 half time these days, and beats being increasingly aggressive, it’s cool to see someone shed some soul on it. Nothing too heavy or intense, just something that grabs hold and keeps things cool. IAMNOBODI‘s sound is full and warm as hell, keeping that bass knocking nicely for the sound system. None of the tracks on “IMANI” are too complex. They are all just very well placed and tasteful. Wouldn’t Change A Thing. It’s a nice message.

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Mike Jones

Mike Jones

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