Jazz Amnesty

Jazz Amnesty Sound System – #12 “Greater Antilles”

Jazz Reggae

The story of Jazz has traveled far and wide and its influence can be heard across the globe.

For this mix, J.A.S.S. focuses on Jazz from the Caribbean with a mix of sounds from Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, and America (by well known Jazz Cats that have direct lineage to the Virgin Islands and Jamaica). So sit back, relax, and let the warm vibes of island Jazz wash over you like the waves and wind of a hot day by the Caribbean Sea.


1. Tuff Talk by The Skatalites
2. Malorat (Passin’ Thru) by Count Ossie
3. Song For My Father by Cedric Im Brooks & The Light of Saba
4. Bitter Blood by Sound Dimension
5. Rico’s Message by Rico & The Rudies
6. Up Fully by Roland Alphonso
7. Oboe by Jackie Mittoo
8. Manhade Carnival by Webert Sicot
9. Accompong by The Monty Alexander 7
10. Action by Wynton Kelly
11. Serenade To A Savage by Candido
12. St. Thomas by Sonny Rollins
13. Bluesongo by Sonny Rollins
14. Tribute to Rastafari by Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus
15. Jughead by The Equitables
16. Kumina Mento Rasta by Wareika Hill Sounds
17. Shocker’s Rock by Tommy McCook, Richard Ace, The Skatalites, and Disco Height


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Jazz Amnesty

Jazz Amnesty

The Jazz Amnesty Sound System (a.k.a. J.A.S.S.) are a couple of deep jazz heads from Montreal named Andy Williams & sweet daddy luv.