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Future Classic: Lando Kal “Further/Time Out”

UK Garage / Grime / 2step / Dubstep

Lando Kal, aka Antaeus Roy and half of Lazer Sword, released his solo debut EP last month on Hotflush Recordings. Hailed from the Bay Area (Hello, San Francisco!) and now based in Berlin, Lando Kal brings a broad spectrum of influences from Detroit Techno to House to RnB to UK Garage to his music. “Further” is hands down my favourite track of the EP, and one of the most enticing Garage tracks I’ve heard in my recent memory.

Fast-paced, yet “Further” is all about a sweet relaxed groove rather than a hyper beat-fest thanks to the perfect vocal sample that fits into the rhythm like a custom-made catsuit. It’s one of those sexy and slick tracks I just can’t get enough of. “Time Out” on the flip side retains a similar tempo but more complex and slightly moodier, lendering a nice counterbalance to the EP. Another great release from Hotflush, and really looking forward to more delicious music from Lando Kal.

Lando Kal - Further

Lando Kal - Time Out

Michelle White

Michelle White

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