Lazy Days

LAZY DAYS #90 — Hosted by Fred Everything

House / Techno

I don’t know about you but the past 2 months have been the longest year of my life. The days melting into one another made me rethink the whole concept of time. In Montreal, everything happened in those 2 months where we think we’re getting out of the winter but it’s all a big lie. Living in the present moment is a great exercise, but it often comes with things to look forward to.

The only thing I’ve looked forward to lately is good news. We’ve been hurt bad over here and we’re not out of the woods yet. But the weather is getting nicer, we’re finally allowed to see each other again (slowly). Good music, just like hope, is there for whoever seeks it.

Show #90. Lots of cool break/broken beats and jazzy deep house flavours this month. I decided to showcase 3 artists that each have 2 tracks in the show : Simbad (SMBD), Hiatt DB and Nuff Pedals.
Also, killer new music from the Sonar Kollektiv clan, AtJazz Records Company, Waajeed’s Remix of Thatmanmonkz, Prins Thomas remixing Detroit Swindle, newcomer Clive from Accounts as well as Jimpster’s beautiful still unreleased remix of Jonatan Backelie.

Stay safe and looking forward to see you all in a near future hopefully.

In the meantime, you can find me for at least another few weeks on, every Saturdays 19:00-21:00 EDT



1.SMBD – Nan Madol – Dirt Crew
2.Feiertag & James Alexander Bright – It’s Alright – Sonar Kollektiv
3.Hiatt DB – 6 O’Clock Rock – Rhythm Section
4.Nuff Pedals – Heavily Invested – Gutterfunk
5.Simbad feat Ammo Moses – Time Off – ARCO
6.Thatmanmonkz ft. Ms Fae – Them Thangs (Waajeed’s Lost Without You Dub)
7.Atjazz & Atone feat. Emilie Chick – Lxve (Instrumental) – ARCO
8.Jonatan Backelie – Love Begins (Jimpster Remix) – Unreleased
9.Detroit Swindle – Coffee In The Morning (Prins Thomas Remix) – Heist
10.Clive from Accounts – Moon Buggy
11.Nuff Pedals – Calling Out – Gutterfunk
12.Hiatt DB – Everyday Break – Rhythm Section

Fred Everything

Fred Everything

Montreal based Fred Everything has been a driving force in the House music world for over 25 years with a discography of over 250 releases. He also runs Lazy Days Recordings since 2005.