An all-timer right here. Finland’s Vladislav Delay under his Luomo moniker crafted one of the finest house albums bar none.

Alongside early 2000’s minimal / deep classics like Herbert’s “Bodily Functions”, The Other People’s Place “Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe”, Isloee’s “Rest” this is a timeless record!

“An album compiling three 12″ (for a total of 6 tracks and 76 minutes), it spikes and sputters, with lots of hopskipping rhythms. Delay’s pretty, dancefloor Frenchstyle disco/house even has whispery, sultry R&B vocals most of the way through. A populist record with an underground, distorted sound that unfolds around the edges and in deep dub tones, the beats sometimes wash out to ambience and murmur, like water on ink.

Think MOODYMANN, BASEMENT JAXX deep house that snags the listener on multiple levels: head to heart to feet. Superb deep, vocal house project from the talented Mr Delay, exploring the flipside to his minimal/drift output. The beats and rhythms used here are still of the pure/minimal variety, but these tunes are designed for dancefloor use and abuse sitting somewhere alongside the pioneering house productions of Matthew herbert. Dubhousedisco, all the waydeep without being dull, understatedly funkfilled & sufficiently bleepy. The vocals Distinctly fromagetastic. Absolutely Essential.” (Review by Inertia Music)

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