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MIMS Guest Mix: BANDLER CHING (Brussels, Belgium, Sdban Ultra)

Hailing from Brussels, Bandler Ching is a creation of musical ideas from composer and saxophonist Ambroos De Schepper. Flawlessly blending contemporary jazz, electronics, hip-hop, noise and global beats, the sound is based around the freedom of expression and improvisation and performed with dazzling conviction.

“If there is any connection between these tracks, it’s groove or the imagination of groove. Some of them are rather dark and trap-like, others are dreamy or nostalgic, others are dub and jazz. Whatever the direction, it had a big influence on my own musical perception and I hope it will have the same on you.” – Ambroos De Schepper


  1. The Gaslamp Killer – The Butcher (with Mophono)
  2. Mala – Como Como
  3. Mark Guiliana – BUD
  4. Nosaj Thing – Get Like
  5. Chukwu – By All Means Necessary
  6. Sam Wilkes – Descending
  7. Panda Bear – Nod To The Folks
  8. Jeff Parker – Cliche
  9. Bandler Ching – Opalescent
  10. Mansur Brown – God Willing
  11. Kosmo Sound – Rank
  12. Kneebody & Daedelus – The Hole
  13. Mbongwana Star – Malukayi (ft. Konono °1)
  14. A Z E R T Y Klavierwerke – Ligtijd

Bandler Ching are:

Ambroos De Schepper: saxophone
Alan Van Rompuy: keys
Federico Pecoraro: bass
Olivier Penu: drums

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