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MIMS Guest Mix: DJ LUV (Montreal)

House / Techno Techno

Luv is one of the guys in Montreal who I respect a lot as a DJ and music head. First off cause he’s been in this thing longer than I have (respect your elders hehe) but mostly because I respect his generosity and love of sharing his uncovered nuggets. I asked him to hook us up with a guest mix and I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed!

Where’s what Luv had to say about the mix: “As promised a while ago, here is the mix I wanted to make for your site. When you have a chance please give a listen and let me know your thoughts and whether or not you want to put it up. It’s another 3 turntable megamix of producers I am down with, along the lines of ‘Sound Array‘ (the last mix of mine you put up) but maybe a bit more techno. I hope you enjoy.”

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Otherman – Kode 9 & The Spaceape – Hyperdub (2011)
Fish – Skelf – Mo Wax (2002)
Slinky – Plasticman – Minus (2011)
Y-intercpnkt – Phoenecia – Warp (1997)
Griffin’s Song – Derrick Carter – Organico (1993)
Your Body Is My Body – Ellen Allien – Bpitch Control (2005)
Asha In The Tabernacle – Shackleton – Perlon (2009)
we r are why. – Autechre – Warp (1996)
Solar Wind – Shifted Phases – Tresor (2002)
Strangest Changes – A Guy Called Gerald ft. Finely Quaye – Studio K7 (2004)
10ft Bass – The Octagon Man – Electron Industries (1997)
Saturn’s Reply – Jamie Vexd – Planet Mu (2009)
Signal – Siriusmo – Monkeytown Records (2011)
Trick Snitch – Otto von Schirach – Touchin’ Bass (2006)
Rico’s Helly – Two Lone Swordsmen – Emissions Audio Output (1996)
1968. Holes (12” Remix) – Christian Vogel – Novamute (2005)
King Tut, Fool! – Cousin Cockroach and Shox – Archive (2004)
New Cities – Starkey ft. Kiki Hitomi – Planet Mu (2010)

DJ LUV Links
Jazz Amnesty Sound System project (with Andy Williams)



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).