Guest Mixes

MIMS Guest Mix: KOUSTO (Little Foot Records, London / Paris)

Worldwide Sounds

Journeying across continents, this mix seeks to offer escapism from lockdown life.

Rejecting a reality where we succumb to quarantine blues, this new set offers listeners the opportunity to discover dream holidays and epic adventures in the depths of their minds. Travel to far off places punctuated by warmth on your skin and the nostalgia of endless nights and sun-soaked days with this latest mix by London-based, French-born Producer, Kousto.

Link to Kousto’s newest EP:


Les Vikings De La Guadeloupe – Ti Tong Ti Tong
Guadeloupe Reflexions – Samba Arawak
Edmony Krater – Tijan
Les Vikings De La Guadeloupe – Ka Nou Pé Fé
Maajo – Musa Paradisa (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)
Cotonete – layla
Aroop Roy – Flecha De Foga
DJeuhDJoah & Lieutenant Nicholson – El Nino
Pasteur Lappe – Na Real Sekele Fo Ya
Alma Negra – Sedowa
Dego Feat. Izzi Dunn – Don’t Stop (Let It Go)



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).