Guest Mixes

MIMS Guest Mix: The Captain Who Went to Lunch (Belgrade, Serbia)

We’ve got one of Belgrade’s pre-eminent conservators of golden era hip-hop in a seamless 90-min mix for your listening pleasure.

The Captain Who Went to Lunch has been one of the torch bearers, unselfishly spreading the good vibes and helping people rediscover hip-hop in its most authentic form.  An electrical engineer soon to be, vinyl addict, and host of the Banana Split Sugar-Free and Potassium Flavored Tapes digs deep into the crates on this one.




Blaque Spurm – Spurmacidal Tendencies (Remix)

Dark Skinned Assassin – Gotta Get The Creme

MC Eiht – Killin Season

Company Flow – Vital Nerve

K-Mack – Golden Material

Lord Finesse – Check the Method

Scientifik – Lawtown

Big L – Street Struck

Origin – Last Compound (Remix)

Martyse – Food for Thought

J-Live – Timeless

The Nonce – The Greatest MC’s

Triflicts – I’m Terror

DJ Swift – Kool Keys

Constant Deviants – Problem Child

Mannish – Tasha’s Room

MF DOOM – Gas Drawls

Big Kwam – The Reunion

Lace Da Booms – Cut That Weak Shit (Obsession Mix)

Redman – Whatever Man (Vinyl Reanimators Remix)

Godfather Don – Stuck Of The Real (OG Home Demo)

Tony Touch – Target Practice

All Natural – Phantoms of the Opera

Method Man – Biscuits

Sean C – Sound of the Deep

Da Henchmen – Stressfield Days

PD3 – Rehearsing Live At Jumbo



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