MIMS Radio Live Sessions – S02E06

Episode 6 of MIMS Radio presented by the Phi Centre is jam packed!

For this week’s in-studio performance, German psychedelic “Krautbeat” trio Sea Moya jam it out; Kid Koala shares some hilarious music selections that he can’t live without; Montreal producer High Klassified talks about going platinum in an interview; Doc’trin dives in to his forthcoming documentary on the enigmatic Patrick Adams; Kris Guilty of La Rama Records shares some brand new vinyls, and much much more!

  • Crucial Material (00:02:20)
  • Geek Down: Doc’trin on Patrick Adams (00:21:53)
  • In Situ: Sea Moya (00:55:24)
  • Under The Counter with Kris Guilty of La Rama Records (01:11:32)
  • The DNA of Kid Koala (01:35:14)
  • Interview with High Klassified (01:40:46)
  • Outro (01:59:43)

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Crucial Material
The Internet – Roll (Burbank Funk)
Sudan Archives – Nont for Sale
Lengaia – Jibaro Aguadeno
Thiago Nassif – Beira

Geek Down: Doc’trin on Patrick Adams
Black Ivory – Wishful Thinking
Bumblee Unlimited – I Got A Big Bee//// Lady Bug
Cloud One – Flying High
Musique – Keep On Jumpin
Eric B & Rakim – I Ain’t No Joke
Big Foot – Multiple Stab Wounds

In Situ: Sea Moya
Sea Moya – New Past
Sea Moya – Bedroom
Sea Moya – Bangalore

Under The Counter with Kris Guilty of La Rama Records
Dailey – Keep The Faith
Kamel Oil Company Band – Petróleo En Bruto
Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Color Of Anyhow
Roza Terenzi – Weakest Link
Unknown – Mystic Versions 01
Unknown Artist – Untitled A3 (DELODIO Records)

The DNA of Kid Koala
Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World
The Pharcyde – Ya Mama
Baroness Romana – Lift Your Face The Natural Way
Frank Sinatra – My Way
The Muppets – Sax And Violence
No Artist ‎– The Nothing Record Album
Grandmaster Caz – South Bronx Subway Rap
Coldcut – Beats & Pieces

Interview with High Klassified
High Klassified – NS Bounce
High Klassified – 1919

Freakey & Platinum Wav – Sahara

Guest Links

Sea Moya
Kid Koala
High Klassified
Kris Guilty