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Mix of the Day: Doc Delay “Galactic Elastic”


I’ve been a fan of Doc Delay for a long time his mixes are stellar in both packaging, content and execution. He recently released a record on PL70 (our review here) which truly represents his unique style of psych rock sampling esthetic and spaced out instrumentation.

But now he is back on the mix tip with Galactic Elastic that i consider the best out of the Galatic series. Thumping new-wave & post-punk tracks blended seamlessly and sprinkled with with space dusted vocal samples make for a cosmic audio experience that’s out of this world. DL here and strap up for a rocket ride!

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From PL70
As with the previous mixes in this series, Delay steps up for another ambitious mix that shatters genre barriers. Galactic Elastic is a warped trip through tempo and consonance. Punk and New Wave ride over lethargic Disco 45s, Guitar pedals, couches and luxurious waterbeds. Take a hit of this Space Dust.

“Delay is a dj’s dj, and his mixes are in every way brought together with presentation in mind as well as replay value. The blends are first rate, the samples and effects are never superfluous, and as always, the track selection is tirelessly thought over.” -Hydra Magazine

DJ Asma

DJ Asma

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