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“Oliver Coates is a cellist, electronic producer and composer from the UK. His path in live music and on record has been wildly exploratory. It has existed in multiple trajectories of Romantic and Ambient, Classical and Braindance. His live performances centre on amplified cello interacting with computer environments for sound processing, triggering dub delays, distortions and synth patterns underneath long-limbed and smooth-bowed melodies to submerge the listener.”

As a preview to the upcoming show in Montreal (November 8th, 2019) presented by Phi Centre in collaboration with the good people from Heavy Trip and Music Is My Sanctuary, we thought we’d put together a quick primer on Oliver Coates’ great music.

MIMS Playlist: Oliver Coates solo, collaborations and performances

So many incredible pieces to pick from Oliver’s extensive discography of solo work, collaborations and performances. Since the release of his outstanding “Shelley’s on Zenn-La” album (2018, RVNG) he’s been busy in 2019 with projects like the Decouple ][ Series as well as playing on the new Peter Zumno album and Radiohead’s Johny Greenwood new label Octatonic Records.

Here is a hand-picked playlist to explore the different facets of Coates’ music.

Oliver Coates’ radio show on NTS Radio

Although he hasn’t released an episode of his regular show on NTS Radio since March of this year, I adored the few I was able to check out. Personally I find that listening to radio shows hosted by musicians can sometimes be more interesting than those by DJ’s. The selections are quite wild and far reaching and are a great way to discover the influences behind the man’s music. Oh, and every single show cover seems to be a picture of his cat.

Live Performance Videos

Let’s not ruin the mystery of what his solo live show is going to sound / look like too much but here are two high quality clips that show Coates’ approach to mixing electronics with his cello.

Oliver Coates Key Links

Official Website

Montreal Show Info

Phi Centre presents
in collaboration with Heavy Trip + Music Is My Sanctuary

November 8th, 2019 – 7pm
Phi Centre
+ opening by Saudade

Info & Tickets