Dj Mixes

Rilly Guilty “Golden Sounds Volume #4”

House / Techno

Let’s face it, we all know a handful of good DJs out there, but how many of them are consistent? How many of them keep you interested every single time? How many of them habitually play you what you want to hear?

No matter how many times I see or hear Montreal resident Guilty (aka: Rilly Guilty) spin, he has never once put on a song I didn’t fully enjoy. Sick track record (pun intended). The man not only feeds you with tunes you’d love, but with tunes you never thought you would have loved. He goes where others wouldn’t dare, kidnapping his audience for a little joy ride.

When he first gave me a physical copy of Golden Sounds Volume 3, I had that house mix bumping in my car for months until it was memorized. Having just found out Volume 4 was released, I immediately told my imaginary secretary to cancel all my imaginary appointments. This mix of soulful house with touches of techno is (as expected) driving me just as wild as the last one, and I will be driving wildly to these tunes so watch out!



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