Spaces – Montréal: Redefining the City’s Artistic Landscape

Montréal has long been a place where many realities have had to negotiate coexistence together in the same place, a fact that is etched onto every multilingual sign, and threaded into the daily interactions of strangers.

As a result, there’s a history of reclaimed factories and loft spaces across the city, converted into rehearsal spots, studios and venues. These locations give artists places to live, work and play as the neighbourhoods around them change. Arbutus Records label boss Sebastian Cowan, party collective Moonshine co-founder Pierre Kwenders and singer-songwriter Ellise Barbara showcase the significant, yet different relationships with the spaces in Montréal that they are connected to.

“Spaces – Montréal” is presented in collaboration with Red Bull Music

Meet the artists:
Arbutus Records
Pierre Kwenders
Ellise Barbara