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The Narcicyst “Leap of Faith” (video by Marquis Montes)


Back in October 2012 The Narcicyst dropped another amazing EP entitled Leap of Faith. The Narcicyst always serves downright quality music and lyrics so it was no surprise that this EP started popping up on all respectable music blogs. What’s interesting though is that this EP is only a fraction of a much bigger project. The Medium (The collective under which The Narcicyst and his dream team are working) just recently dropped the 2nd fold to this Leap of Faith project, the conjunction video clip. Directed and edited by Jose Marquis Montes Hernandez, this video is one for the books.

It was actually a comment that someone left under this video that inspired me to write this piece. The words were simple but so on point ‘Grown man Hip Hop’. I wrote a paper about Hip Hop and the Peter Pan Syndrome awhile back and that was precisely my complaint; why aren’t grown Hip Hop artists making grown Art? Watching the ‘Leap of Faith’ video I regained faith in this culture and truly believe that with leaders like The Narcicyst there is still hope.

This video takes you deep into the journey that some call the dance of life. The highs and lows that we struggle with daily. That inner turmoil makes or breaks you. That faith that if you jump down you might just land in the sky. All this represented so simply with two dancers and beautiful choreography. No fussy fuss to stray you from the poignant lyrics. No fronting to deter you from the honesty. Just Art. Grown man Art.

MF Gold

MF Gold

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