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Classic Mixes: The Streets “Promo Mix” (2002)

UK Garage / Grime / 2step / Dubstep

Ok, this one is a bit of a rare one. Not saying there are 2 copies in existence but let’s just say it’s not on The Streets‘ discogs page or anywhere else on the net.

The Streets’ record label, Locked On (pretty much my favorite UKG label of all-time) sent this to me along with the vinyl 3LP of “Original Pirate Material” back in 2002 because I was writing album reviews for Vice Magazine back in the day. Let’s just say it still ranks as pretty much the best promo package i’ve ever gotten in the mail. It’s pretty crazy that the promo CD has managed to survived in my mess for 10+ years now!

It’s my first time ripping it to digital and probably a good move because it’s starting to skip a little. The mix is pretty awesome and weird  and messy in certain places, you get classic UKG stuff like DJ Faz, More Fire Crew but you also get tons of US hip-hop like Redman, Busta and Trick Daddy which was definitely not a common thing for UK based mixes back in those days. Considering this was made in 2002 it’s really representative of how big the Grime movement with people like Wiley and Skepta was going to be. I hope you enjoy this little piece of UKG history.

One for the bass heads!




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