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Onra & Lexis “Throw’Em Up” – All the Videos!




Ahhh. This one takes all of us way back. The silks nighties with all that wind flowing around, the shots of the dude faking (very poorly) the trumpet next to T-Boz and the fact that we all loved Left Eye. R.I.P


To be honest I didn’t remember this track at all before Onra mentionned it to me. I mean, what is this awesome track from Usher that has the same sample as Black Moon’s “Who Got The Props”!? And it has girls in metallic suits and Usher in super baggy clothes. Classic video from the proto-giggy era.


Ahhh SWV… Everyone’s favorite from that 92-95 period. Every single SWV track just stands out so much, in part because Coko had one of the best voices in the game. Major points for the choreography with short shorts and knee pads, always a sure shot.

Sweet Sable

Not the same version we put on the mix but still had to put the video up. Sweet Sable rocking the same look and vibe as that “Gangsta Bitch” video from Apache. (Look it up!)




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