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Tribute to Factory Records – Selected by Phil Larochelle

Electronic Eclectic

After my Mo Wax tribute mix a couple weeks back, when Lexis asked me if I was interested to do another label tribute mix I immediately thought of Factory Records.

The result is a both nostalgic and personal of course but brings this eclectic approach to club music, dance music with a punk attitude (way before the whole DFA wave) that is still relevant to this day!

I’ve always been touched by the minimal design from Peter Saville, by the madness of the Mondays, the funk of A Certain Ratio, the contemplative ambiances of Durutti Column and the naive pop of New Order.

I also included the 90’s era but also wanted to showcase the NYC connection (Jellybean, John Robie, Arthur Baker) its legendary clubs (Danceteria, Paradise Garage) that soon after influenced the seminal Hacienda club.

Here is the chaotic beauty of machines and guitars sometimes getting along and sometimes not!


Happy Mondays – wrote for luck (12″version)
Cath caroll- moves like you
Excerpt from 24 hours party people
52nd street- cool as ice ( jellybean benitez remix)
Cabaret voltaire- yashar
Quando quango- atom rock (mark kamins remix)
New order- 1963 (edit)
Electronic- lucky bag (miami edit)
The Durutti column- together mix
Electronic- free will
New order- world in motion (andrew weatherall remix)
New order- mto
Revenge- i’m not your slave
New order- dub vulture (john robie remix)
Section 25- looking from a hilltop (megamix)
New order- confusion (arthur baker remix)
Quando quango- love tempo
Esg- moody
A certain ratio- shack up
52nd street- look into my eyes
Royal family and the poor- art on 45
A certain ratio- wild party
Street life- act on instinct
Quando quango- genius
Kalima- land of dreams
X-o-dus- society


Phil Larochelle

Phil Larochelle

Veteran DJ Phil Larochelle began his career in the early 90s, at a time when the local house scene was still in the making. An avid record collector, he can heat up even the most discerning dance floors.