Tribute Mixes

Tribute to MJ COLE — Selected & Mixed by Ben Gomori

@bengomori “The tracks MJ Cole made in the first three years of his career from 1997-1999 are some of my biggest inspirations.

The chopped-up, intricate, hard-grooving 4×4 garage sound that he pioneered built on the foundations that the likes of Todd Edwards and Grant Nelson laid, but I’d argue that the swing of his tracks in this era was unparalleled. His many solo tracks in this era as well as the tracks he engineered for Ramsey & Fen always get a great reaction when I play them out, and I wanted to collate my favourites for MIMS.”

*all Ramsey & Fen tracks included here were engineered by MJ Cole


Shernette May – All The Man That I Need (Ramsey & Fen Remix)
Two As One & MJ Cole – Shadows
MJ Cole – Flavour Fever
Dub Syndicate – I Need Your Love (MJ Cole Remix)
Two As One & MJ Cole – Too Blind
Somore – I Refuse (What You Want) (Ramsey & Fen Remix feat. MJ Cole)
Ramsey & Fen feat. Lynn Moore – Love Bug (Club Dub)
Ramsey & Fen feat. Rads – Colour (Ramsey & Fen Club Dub)
Gass – Dark (MJ Cole & 2 As 1 Remix)
State Of Mind – Take Control (MJ Cole Dub)
Amy Winehouse – Fuck Me Pumps (MJ Cole Remix)

About @bengomori aka G. Markus

A DJ and producer from London, Ben Gomori runs Monologues Records, makes a lot of edits as well as original bits, hosts a weekly podcast called Turned On and have a Soho Radio show with his bargain-bin vinyl concept, Record Replay. Watch out for upcoming releases on Sundries, Flat White Records, Club Bad, Wonderwheel Records and Monologues Records… and catch him DJing once the world slowly starts to make sense again!



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