Yes Mccan

Yes Mccan

DJ and Hip-Hop Artist from Montreal. Also representing the Dead Obies.

Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Bran Van 3000 “Drinking In L.A” (Dave One Remix feat. A-Trak)


An all-star, all-Montreal lineup on this hip-hop jam circa 1997. Not a big Bran Van 3000 fan myself, I came across this stunning remix about a year ago, when a record collector friend of mine hooked me up with this one as a part of a “100 vynils for 80$”-type deal.

The reason for the deal was, the man had awaken in the middle of the previous night to a sudden crashing sound. Certain that robbers were invading his house, he got up in a rush, only to find out his whole record collection collapsed to the floor. The man had too many records and his old house just couldn’t support his passion anymore, I guess. So this awesome Drinking in L.A. remix by Dave One (half of Chromeo and brother of famed Montrealer Dj A-Trak) is now in my collection. Heavy hip-hop bass-line and smoked-out samples make for a rejuvenating take on a well-known classic.