Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: The Beatnuts “Robbed” (199?)


Before the phrase “tat my name on you so I know it’s real” convinced poor, unsuspecting girls to shamelessly defile themselves, The Beatnuts were the original hiphop band NY party kids got inked up for. At the height of their popularity in the ’90s, you could catch their double-arrow devil tail logo on the arms of New Yitty’s finest.

With good reason: their credo to “fuck, drink beer and smoke some shit” was the battle cry of an era. Beyond the promotion of mind-numbing debauchery, their status as crate-diggers is indisputable: they were acknowledged by obscure Jazz great Enoch Light, whom the ‘Nuts sampled for signature joints Watch Out Now and No Escapin’ This, as being the sole reason behind renewed interest in his music, evidenced by Jennifer Lopez‘s handlers jacking the same sample for Jenny From The Block without crediting Les and JuJu for bringing Enoch Light’s cover of Herbie Mann‘s breezy Hi-Jack to their awareness.

“Robbed” is a dusty cutting-room floor escapee that found its way onto a compilation of oddities called Rarest Nuts, a double-LP comprised of unreleased material from their heyday. Judging by the way they kick their verses, I’d guesstimate that the joint is a reject from their Street Level album sessions circa 1994 but, truthfully, I can’t call it.

In a few moments from the publication of this article, The Beatnuts are set to hit the stage at the Underworld Cabaret, 251 Ste-Catherine East, in Montreal. We’ll definitely be indulging in at least two of the three activities mentioned earlier.




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