Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Vick Lavender “Did You Really” (1999)

House / Techno

Happy New Year! I know it’s been a really long time since I wrote for MIMS World, but that was 2013 (which, at the risk of sounding superstitious, was a really weird ride). On to bigger and better things! As a reward for everyone’s patience, I’m unleashing one of my favorite and most powerful secret weapons for the discerning soulful house head. This track perks ears, turns heads and summons a crowd to the dance floor every single time I drop it. Just like magic.

Did You Really starts off with punishing snare hits, astral-traveling synth loops, a cocksure, vanity-inducing bass groove and an assembly line of emotionlessly dry kicks. Everything warms up nicely once a thermal melody oozes in, introducing vocalist Jackie Green as she repeats some very comforting words: “You know that I care”.

Judging by the P.M. Blues EP, Victor Lavender’s music is as lush as his name. When it comes to “deep house”, this kind of sophistication and elegance is often attempted but hardly ever accomplished. As a result, I’ll be looking further into his work (ei: Strictly Jaz Unit), as well as the Nite Life Collective catalogue (an offspring of the classic Dust Traxx imprint) which hosted artists such as Glenn Underground, Boo Williams and Roy Davis. Jr.

I highly recommend snatching this up on vinyl to take advantage of a far superior sound. I don’t say that often, but there is a huge difference here. Besides, it’s currently only $2 on Discogs!

Vick Lavender - Did You Really (1999)


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