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Future Classic: 5kinandbone5 “Make U Understand/Reset”

I always go to bed pretty late, but hitting the sack past 6am on the day I have an important interview? Let me show you what’s been keeping me up.

You see, some babies get delivered very peacefully and quietly, while others come out of there drenched in blood and puss, screaming like they just finished a death match with a saber-toothed tiger. The recent discovery of two stunning tracks put out by newborn label Unknown To The Unknown proves yet again this young’n isn’t much of a “silent-type”.

Ever since DJ Stingray’s Assassin last July, we’ve been hearing a lot of noise with releases by artists such as Marcus Mixx, Alias G, Dubbel Dutch (not to mention a 2012 mix CD by DJ Q). Now we have 5kinandbone5 making a scene with the freshest nu-skool 2-step I’ve heard in a long time! If you can imagine a Brenmar/El-B collaboration, you might get something like the mean mixture of dark and bubbly on “Make U Understand”.

Although these tracks are sparse, they are certainly not your boring average cut-and-paste-any-pitched-R&B-vocal-on-top-of-some-formulaic-beat concoctions. Minimalism can sound great when done right, and as you can see 5kinandbone5’ got the right flavor for your ears.

5kinandbone5 - Make U Understand/Reset


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