Future Classic: Ian Kamau “One Day Soon”

I’ve been steering clear of lyrics recently and letting my ears revel in the beauty of instrumentals and beats. It’s been a wonderful experience so far but I must admit, it was a deliberate and bitter decision I made for my...
by MF Gold


Future Classic: Obia le Chef & El Cotola “Le Théorème”

Montreal’s finest MC/Producer duo are back on their grind following up their ridiculously dope EP Le Procédé with their debut full length record Le Théorème. If the EP was the blueprint addressing themes of revolution and...
by DJ Asma


Future Classic: Hawk House “Tidal Tendencies”

Wow, talk about love at first listen. If you’re anything like us you’ll be hooked as first as you hear the jazzy keys, crisp drums and first couple bars. We have to give props to our good friend Lefto for turning us on to t...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



Forgotten Treasure: Three 6 Mafia

Much like my earlier post on Dipset, Three-6-Mafia was a group I had to learn to fully grasp before i could truly embrace its music. I remember seeing Hypnotize Minds Records’ ads in The Source magazine and being dumbfounded ...
by DJ Asma


Forgotten Treasure: J Treds “Make it Happen” (1998)

I moved to London around a year ago and while I love the place, few cities teach you so quickly the importance of music like this. It’s the kind of record that ought to be encased within break in case of temporary insanity gl...
by Cal


Loud Lary Ajust “Cody Bangers” (Kaytranada Remix)

Nice little surprise right here. The three dope boys from Montreal known as LoudLaryAjust have just dropped a really interesting remix record with guest verses and remixes from some of the best producers MTL has to offer. Their...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



Future Classic: DJ Mitsu The Beats “Beat Installments Vol 2″

Smooth like pouring custard, phat like The Biggest Loser cast, and crafted like a Renissance master. C’mon man, it’s Mitsu! Was it ever gonna be anything else? I’m not name checking any tunes here, as I’...
by B-Dub


Quasimoto “Yessir Whatever”

via STONES THROW | Quasimoto – Yessir Whatever Produced by Madlib. 12 tracks recorded over a roughly 12-year period. LP & CD come with a peel-off cover sticker revealing Quasimoto’s guts; LP with bonus 7-inch ...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


An Introduction to WAAJEED (Bling47, Detroit)

Waajeed is a jack of all trades as a graphic artist, labelhead and producer. The latter is his most prolific persona and his dazzling array of futuristic boombap soundscapes will be on display on april 19th as part of the Artbe...
by DJ Asma



Future Classic: Dave Sparkz & Camillo Fritanga “Chills​,​Trills & Dollarbills”

When it comes to rap music, i’m a sucker for concept records or groups: something like 30 member group, like the Quakers mega group, or a nice well thought out concept like Kingdom of Fear’s “Fear and Loathing...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Mix of the day: DJ Finesse “B.I.G. Over Premier Mixtape”

via DJ Finesse: “This month [March] marks the passing of the lauded rapper Notorious B.I.G. and to honor his legacy, New York resident DJ Finesse debuted a special tribute during DJ Premier’s Sirius/XM show “Live From...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Mix of the day: Dope Folks Records “Sampler #2″

Just when you thought you knew everything about the golden era of rap music people like Dope Folks Records come along with tons of stuff you’ve never heard of. The label specializes in uber rare of even unreleased gems fr...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)