Forgotten Treasure: The Pharcyde “Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde” (20 Year Anniversary)


Oh man where do we even start with this one. It’s one of these records that you just can’t believe is turning 20 very soon (on November 24th). The Pharcyde‘s debut album remains to this day one of the most influencial and original records in hip-hop history.

Without The Pharcyde 20 years ago, would there be crews like Odd Future today?

“Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde” came out of absolutely nowhere and immediately stood out of the early 90’s hip-hop landscape, especially on the West Coast where it was all about gangsta gangsta stuff with Cube, Dre, Eazy, Snoop. Rap music has never been the most open minded when it comes to slightly alternative, weird and quirky but these 4 Cali MC’s just came out with a classic record that was all about having fun, not taking yourself too seriously. But most importantly, these guys had serious skills and the production from J-Swift was rock solid too.

To mark the 20 year anniversary, the good folks at Delicious Vinyl are releasing an awesome package for all the diehard Pharcyde fans out there.

  • housed in a “music box” case, that plays a snippet of “Oh Sh*t” when lid is opened
  • includes (7) 7″ records pressed on different colored vinyl + replica mini-jackets
  • includes 5 previously unreleased tracks
  • double CD with 24 rarities: 7 instrumentals, 5 acapellas, 6 remixes, and a bonus promo-only track
  • 21″ x 28″ poster + 120 piece puzzle featuring iconic cover art
  • detailed linear notes by J-Swift + never-before-seen vintage photos

Singles from “Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde”



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