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Album Of The Week: Brandon Coleman “Resistance” (Brainfeeder)

Soul & Funk

Chalk another one up for the Brainfeeder camp!

Honestly, listen to this album and try not to smile, I dare ya! Twelve off-the-cuff jams that aim to spread positivity and an overall good time. Like most of Brainfeeder’s releases there’s usually a little bit of a quirkiness to a lot of these tunes.

When paired with the lyrical content which sometimes touches on heavier subjects, Coleman’s positivity reminds us that at the end of the day, keeping things fun is how to do it! This album features some absolutely classic tropes of a lot of genres that Coleman is obviously inspired by, and unlike a lot of artists who may try to conceal their influences to appear more distinctive, he wears them proudly as if to pay homage to the artists who have paved the way before him. Although the references are sometimes fairly obvious, the tracks manage to remain heartfelt and current, avoiding the feeling of “living in the past”.

This album fits perfectly within the Brainfeeder world. Right from the get go it sounds like something that Thundercat would really get down with. The musical chops paired with a a little hint of a tongue-in-cheek attitude seems to be what the label has been really feeling as of late, and “Resistance” firmly checks both boxes! I would love to see Brandon Coleman backed with a full band on a massive stage at a music festival as the sun had just begun to set. A lot of the songs have the same openness as Southern Gospel songs, and I can imagine that they’d be fantastic when experienced on a large scale alongside a multitude of people. I’m really excited to see what he does next, but until then this album is getting rinsed when I’m in the company of friends and family.

“Resistance” released September 14, 2018 on Brainfeeder

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Brandon Coleman

Mike Jones

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