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BOOM MUSIC – Show #37 (Hosted by Colectivo Futuro)

Eclectic Electronic Hip-Hop Jazz

Episode 37 from CF HQ is another guest-less transmission hosted by Miguel and Oliver, opening with a Chicago tribute as inspired by the ChicagoXLondon series of events happening at Total Refreshment Centre last week.

Hosted by EZH Mag and International Anthem, the series of events sought to create “a platform for cultural exchange and the celebration of creativity” as well as explore the recent resurgence of Jazz in both cities and around the world. It was a great opportunity to see some of Chicago’s finest, including Makaya McCraven, Tomeka Reid, Jamie Branch, and Frank Rosaly paired alongside some of London’s young jazz cats such as Nubiya Garcia, Theon Cross, and Joe Armon Jones. A big shout must go to Alejandro Ayala aka King Hippo as well for setting up his Fresh Roasted night, featuring a live beat-making session with LeFtO, Quiet Dawn, Ben LaMar Gay, and Darkhouse Family.

The rest of the show includes new and forthcoming music from the likes of Tony Allen, Children of Zeus, Danny Watts, Piero Umiliani, Jaxx Madicine, and plenty more!


Chicago Underground Duo – Waiting for you is like watching stillness grow into enormous wings [Thrill Jockey]
Kelan Phil Cohran and Legacy – The Dogon [Captcha Records]
Hu Vibrational – Mandala [Soul Jazz Records]
Reminder – New Spells [Eastern Developments Music]
Junius Paul Trio – Someone [Grown Kids Radio]
Makaya McCraven – R.F.J. 3 [International Anthem Recording Co.]
Art Ensemble of Chicago – Ja [ECM]
Matana Roberts – Amma Jerusalem School [Constellation]
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Flipside [Honest Jons Records]
Theo Parrish – Brain [Sound Signature]
Radius – Freejazz From a Blackbox [Grown Kids Radio]
Jeff Parker – Toy Boat [Thrill Jockey]
Will Sessions – Kindred Featuring Wendell Harrison [Sessions Sounds]
Tony Allen – Woro Dance [Blue Note]
Piero Umiliani – Avventura [Four Flies Records]
Menagerie – The Arrow of Time [Freestyle Records]
Seiji Yokoyama – The Theme of Quincy Harker [Columbia]
Danny Watts – Uprooted [Authors]
Children of Zeus – Smoke With Me [First Word Records]
West 2 West – Stick It Out [All City Records]
Jaxx Madicine – 8 Tons Of [Local Talk Records]
David Axelrod – Mucho Chupar [Fantasy]
Kiwi – We Are Here [Toy Tonics]
Ra Toth & The Brigantes Orchestra – Nico’s Bass [New Interplanetary Melodies]
The First Family – Slow Motion [Past Due]
Them Mushrooms – Ndogo Ndogo [Afro7 Records]
Marcelo – Algo No Ar [Pépite]
Queen Yahna – Ain’t It Time (Vocal) [P&P Records]
The Voices of East Harlem – Take A Stand [Soul Brother Records]
Timmy Thomas – It’s What They Can’t See [Suncut Records]
Vibration Black Finger – Got To Believe [Enid Records]


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Colectivo Futuro

Colectivo Futuro