Crucial Material – Best Releases Of The Week (December 7th, 2018)

Is it new music you are looking for?

Even with the end of the year approaching faster and faster, new and excellent release are still popping up all over the place. So, like every week we’ve listened to billions and billions of new things and distilled it down. Here we go!


Steve Spacek “Natural Sci-Fi”

Label: Eglo Records
Genre: Electronic Soul / Steve Spacek
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The don of UK Electronic soul, Steve Spacek is quite simply one of the most progressive and “free” artists of our generation. No one does the organic sci-fi blend like Mr. Spacek, a sound which is so at home on a label like Eglo Records. A very sexy record!
– Selected by Lexis

Shy One & Kwam “Spoons”

Label: Astral Black
Genre: Jazz / Grime / Beats
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Absolutely incredible 6 track EP collaboration connecting the dots between Grime, Soul, Jazz and Beats featuring the Kwam on the mic and Shy One behind the boards, one of my absolute favorite young producers. This is one for all the heads who like to have their earbuds challenged.
– Selected by Lexis

Juan Luis Guerra / Q-Tip “Gator Boots Vol. 10: Toribio Edits”

Genres: Merengue / Hip Hop / House
Label: Gator Boots
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Brooklynite, Toribio invites you to dance, an invitation you’d be hard-pressed to decline. Gator Boots Volume 10 pairs the Latin dance number Vale La Pena by Juan Luis Guerra with Q-Tip’s Manwomanboogie, an unlikely pairing, but Toribio saw the parallels, made the fixes, subtle as they may be, and the effect is undeniably hot.
-Selected by Jake Stellarwell

Budgie “Holy Ghost Zone”

Genre: Beats / Gospel
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The spiritual successor to The Gospel According To Budgie mixtapes and The Good Book albums with The Alchemist. Holy Ghost Zone picks up right where they left off blending 90’s Gospel with a 2018 bounce.

Modified Man “Modifications: Set 3”

Genres: UK Garage / Broken Beat / House / Disco / Jazz Funk
Label: Albert’s Favourites

3rd in a series of 12s from this hardworking duo. Possibly their biggest cut so far, “Blame’s On You Bruv” features warm synths, punctuated by vocal samples, driven by a brukish 2-step rhythm. But there is still plenty more disco house, mutoid electro, jazz funk solos and arpeggios galore to demand your attention.
– Selected by Oliver Brunetti (Colectivo Futuro)

Jim Wilson “God’s Chorus”

Genres: Experimental / Ambient / New Age
Label: Trunk
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Spellbound. This is the state I was in upon listening to Jim Wilson’s accidental masterpiece, ‘God’s Chorus’. Stupefied. This is the state I was in upon learning of how this accidental masterpiece was created. Jim recorded the sound of crickets in Texas, slowed them down and layered them with the unedited recordings. I know, it sounds like the meanderings of an adventurous youth with an abundance of time, but the results would lead you to believe this was the work of a creative wizard – I say both are true.
-Selected by Jake Stellarwell

Enrique Lynch Y Su Conjunto “African Bump / K-Jee”

Genre: Latin Funk
Label: Matasuna Records

Released together on a 7″ single for the first time, Matasuna Records reissues two rare Latin gems from Argentina-born musician Enrique Lynch. Side A features the highly sought-after “African Bump,” which is a heavy-hitting funk jam and one of Lynch’s greatest recordings. On the flip, features a great soulful cover of The Nite-Liter’s 1971 hit “K-Jee.”
– Selected by TJ Gorton

MORE BOUNCE presents: Feeding U New Knocks Vol.1

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The More Bounce Crew, consisted of Lucas Benjamin, Lee Funksta and Rob Manga, have gathered a slew of Modern Funk artists for the 1st official vinyl release, via Wicked Wax Records. You can hear exclusive tracks from B.Bravo, Mofak, Pomrad, Sven Atterton, Legove and so many other accomplished Modern Funk artists. Half of these artists also have performed live at the More Bounce Party, held at Canvas, once every 2 months.
– Selected by Walla P


Os Catedráticos “Ataque”

Genres: Samba / Brazilian Jazz
Label: Far Out Recordings
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Early instrumental work from legendary Brazilian composer/musician Eumir Deodato and his bossa nova ensemble Os Catedráticos. Originally released in 1965, this is the first time this album has been reissued outside South America. The music blends samba rhythms with big horn arrangements, and funky organ grooves.
– Selected by TJ Gorton

Ronald Langestraat “Searching”

Genre: Leftfield
Label: South of North
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Recorded over 30 years ago, Ronald Langestraat’s 1984 leftfield masterpiece ‘Searching’ has finally been released on vinyl for the first time. The Amsterdam-based multi-instrumentalist describes the music as “space jazz,” blending Latin, African, and Eastern Europe rhythms with lo-fi vocals, jazz instrumentation, and heavily layered melodies.
– Selected by TJ Gorton

Arsivplak “Seker Oglan”

Genres: Funk / World / Psyche
Label: Arsivplak
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Arsivplak returns just in time to close out 2018 with a 4 track 7-inch featuring rare Turkish grooves. As with his previous releases, these edits are short vignettes with laser focus on the party-rockin’ bits. Grab two copies to really make the magic happen.
-Selected by Jake Stellarwell