Crucial Material – Best Releases Of The Week (January 12th, 2019)

Time to turn the page on 2018, musically a truly outstanding year on so many fronts. From Jazz, Rap, Experimental to more Club-driven Sounds the amount of incredible music was staggering!

Thankfully, our Crucial Material is slowly but surely becoming one of the best weekly recaps in the world scanning the hundreds of new releases and sharing only the cream of the crop.

So here it is, Crucial Material for the week of January 12th 2019!


Rosie Turton “Rosie’s 5ive”

Genres: Jazz
Label: Jazz Re:freshed
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Jazz Re:Freshed kicks off 2019 with an outstanding debut from Nérija trombonist Rosie Turton. On this recording, the London-based artist fuses her trombone-led jazz melodies with layered string arrangements, atmospheric textures, and electronic sounds. A strong contemporary take on modal and spiritual jazz, featuring the sublime violin strings of Johanna Burnheart and vocals from Luke Newman on “Stolen Ribs”. Highlights include “The Unknown” and a very original version of Herbie Hancock’s “Butterfly”.
– Selected by Oliver Brunetti & TJ Gorton

Resavoir “Escalator”

Genres: Jazz
Label: International Anthem
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Fascinating digital debut single from this Chicago collective, on International Anthem. Two versions of dancefloor-jazz workout, “Escalator”. A 3 min demo sees synths, tight drumming & brass stabs forming a broken techno sound reminiscent of late 2000s Martyn. Then a 10 min live cut, with extended brass & vocal soloing, and looser but still propulsive drumming. I’m left wishing for a final 12” version of the same song, and an extended tour!
– Selected byOliver Brunetti (Boom Music / Colectivo Futuro)

Tom Noble “Tom Noble Edits”

Genres: Disco / Afro-Latin / Zouk
Label: Razor-N-Tape
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Tom Noble, the man behind many a great edit and Superior Elevation in NYC, laces the Razor-N-Tape camp with 4 Afro-Latin-Caribbean tinged Funk/Disco bombs from deep within his vast collection of obscurities. ‘Zouk Pour Esa’ is already stuck in my head and it’s only a matter of time before it’s stuck in yours too.
– Selected by Jake Stellarwell

The Patchouli Brothers “Tugboat Edits Vol 13”

Genres: Funk / Soul / Disco
Label: Tugboat Edits
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Tugboat is back! Toronto’s Patchouli Bros deliver 4 cleverly selected and dangerously edited knee-knockin’, party-rockin’ Funk/Soul-infused Disco slammers. Cheers to Mr. Zawada for droppin’ this slab of heat that’s so directly aimed at the dance floor.
– Selected by Jake Stellarwell

Kamaal Williams “New Heights / Snitches Brew”

Genre: Jazz-Funk / Psychedelia
Label: Black Focus
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London-based keyboardist Kamaal Williams follows up his excellent 2018 album, ‘The Return’, with a great new twelve-inch single that includes the jazz-funk groover “New Heights,” and the psychedelia electric fusion melter “Snitches Brew” featuring guitarist Mansur Brown.
– Selected by TJ Gorton

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement “Venus Flytrap Exotica”

Label: Editions Gravats
Genre: Dub / Electronic
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“Surprise new release on Low Jack’s much sought-after Les disques de la Bretagne series, a tropical spell from Dominick Fernow’s Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement on a lights-out dancehall voodoo tip – the first RSE release outside of Hospital Productions. Powerful spells, strongly recommend to fans of Demdike Stare, Equiknoxx, Shackleton, Burial.” (via Boomkat)

Vatican Shadow “Opium Crop Airstrikes”

Genre: Electronic
Label: Hospital
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Declassified militaritulist ambience from Vatican Shadow, finding Dominik Fernow (Prurient) donning his desert fatigues for a mesmerising follow-up to his technoid outings with Ostgut Ton and Ancient Methods. Unmissable (via Boomkat)


Mitsaki Katayama Trio “First Flight”

Genre: Jazz
Label: Studio Mule
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A much welcomed reissue of the rare 1979 Japanese jazz recording ‘First Flight’ by the drummer-led Mitsaki Katayama Trio. A great album from start-to-finish, highlights include the samba-influenced classic “Unknown Point,” and the jazz dance groover and title track “First Flight.”
– Selected by TJ Gorton

Toquinho “Toquinho”

Genres: Brazilian / Samba / Folk
Label: Mr Bongo
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First official UK release of this much-desired Brazilian album by guitarist & singer Toquinho, featuring Jorge Ben Jor on classics such as “Zana” and “Carolina, Carol Beta”, as sampled by DJ Marky on drum n bass hit ‘LK’.
– Selected byOliver Brunetti (Boom Music / Colectivo Futuro)

Al Onzo “Tango Japan”

Genres: Synth-pop / New Beat
Label: Mothball

Oddball Belgian New Beat from ‘87 here. I first learned of this one from Canada’s own Jex Opolis. Pick up the original for $200, or grab this fresh re-issue from Australia’s Mothball, with a bonus cut, for $20 (after shipping & tax) like I did.
– Selected by Jake Stellarwell

Bobby Nunn “Cherry Pie”

Label: Avant Garde Records
Genre: 80’s Boogie
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Avant Garde Records are back with another stellar release, this time on 12′, featuring 2 unreleased tracks from 80’s Boogie Icon Bobby Nunn, and a remix courtesy of Nickee B. The title track “Cherry Pie” is guaranteed to make you shake on the dance floor, straight from the start. “Got My Eye On You” is another boogie banger that was collecting dust for all the wrong reasons, and thanks to Albin (owner of Avant Garde Records), we get to hear another gem from Mr. Nunn himself. Extra points for the Nickee B Remix, where the moog bass meets the classic Juno sound.
– Selected by Walla P