Crucial Material – July 5th, 2020

We’re back!!

A lot of you have been asking and asking when our weekly Crucial Material rundown would finally return. Well, ask no more here it is!

As always we hope you make some nice discoveries and feel free to encourage these artists/labels if you do! Enjoy and have a great week.


The Koreatown Oddity – Little Dominiques Nosebleed
(Stones Throw)

Another instant winner in the long line of classic Stones Throw rap LP’s with that unmistakable leftfield Cali vibe. Been a big fan of LA’s rapper/producer Koreatown Oddity for a while but this is best work to date! (Lexis)

Marc Mac – The Power Tapes (Reissue)

Very timely re-release right here. The legendary Marc Mac (4hero, Visioneers) released a series of beat tapes in the mid 2000’s capturing “significant Black historical movements and events.” After loving a few volumes of the series, but also missing a few, i’m diving back in! Truly crucial. (L)

J.ROCC – Original Music

The legendary Beat Junkie is feeling inspired during these strange times: last month he released a dope Gospel-inspired tape titled “Beatitudes” and he’s back with an equally dope slice of “Original Music”. Essential for all beat heads. (L)

Melodiesinfonie – Fragments

Intimate, acoustic vibes from the man that can do no wrong. Fusing psychedelic folky sounds with his signature lo-fi beats, Melodiesinfonie has created one of the soundtracks for summer 2020 (Spacewalker)


Skee Mask – ISS005
(Illian Sound)

Munich’s Skee Mask released 2 stellar EP’s on the same day!? ISS006 is more on the soundscape / drone experiments tip but ISS005 is the real winner for me. The pinnacle of the German and UK sounds meeting on this Rudeboy Techno meets UK Funky meets Broken Beat EP. (L)

Principe Discos – Verao Dark Hope
(Principe Discos)

Lisboa’s Principe Discos has remained at the very top of my list of can’t miss labels for almost 10 years. Always miles ahead of the curve of what cutting edge dance-floor music is all about. Stellar 32 track compilation from the archives + some sick limited edition t-shirts! (L)

Karenn – Music Sounds Better With Shoe

Absolute techno missile from Karenn (aka Pariah + Blawan) which is just begging to be played extremely loud for lots of dancers in a sweaty dark room, if only that was still a thing. Even so, an instant classic for me. (L)

Teflon Dons – Teflon Dons Vs. The Si​-​Fan
(Worldship Music)

Hard to believe these tracks are 20 years old!! Only 100 copies were ever pressed back in 1998 and only 100 are being made this time so don’t sleep! Everything I love about house music is here: Swinging Drums, Deep Bassline, Raw but still Soulful. For fans of that Logic, Kerri, Mentalinstrum mid 90’s vibe! (L)

Other Super Rad Releases:


Siti Muharam – Siti of Unguja (Romance Revolution on Zanzibar)
(On The Corner Records)

An essential introduction to the golden voice of Siti Muharam and the taarab of Zanzibar, a soup of North East African, Indian & African influences, stripped back to focus on the Swahili street culture & groove that inspired Muharam’s great-grandmother & taarab’s original star, Siti Binti Saad. Album of the year? (Oli Brunetti)

Waaju – Grown
(Olindo Records)

London’s Waaju find their groove on this second LP. Their Malian & Latin influenced jazz has expanded to encompass sega, gnawa, chimurenga & beyond, but clearly has a spirit of its own that transcends and grooves from beginning to end. (D. Brown)

Other Rad Releases


Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Chicago Waves
(International Anthem)

Live set from LA’s most wanted. Cornerstones of its musical tapestry, from jazz to its influential beat scene – a sojourn in Chicago led to an impromptu improvised live set. Suspended above the ground, beautiful tones sail over rattling & shaking percussion. The most soothing 45 min of music this year. (O.B)

Greg Foat – Symphonie Pacifique

Greg Foat’s back with his latest offering, this time on Strut Records. Continuing his exploration into library jazz sounds, it’s another classic in the UK pianist’s evergrowing catalogue. (S)

LCSM “Likwid Continual Space Motion” – Earthbound
(Super-Sonic Jazz)

IG Culture’s intergalactic broken beat jazz ensemble makes a dramatic return with an ace crew of young LDN jazz players including Wonky Logic, Nathaniel Cross, Edward ‘Nache’ Hick, Benjamin Appiah & Neue Grafik. (O.B)

Vibration Black Finger – Can You See What I’m Trying to Say
(Jazzman Records)

Lascelle ‘Lascelles’ Gordon & co draw on the spiritual jazz of the 70s, electric Miles, Bill Laswell, psych, folk, field recordings, electronics & more besides in this hard hitting yet warm musical statement. (O.B)

Kahil El’Zabar – Kahil El’Zabar’s Spirit Groove Ft/ David Murray
(Spiritmuse Records)

Another essential album from legendary multi-percussionist and spiritual jazz master Kahil El’Zabar, featuring  none other than saxophone colossus, David Murray. ‘Spirit Groove’ captures their combined improvising spirits in perfect harmony and uninterrupted groove, sharing a positive, uplifting message for the listener, nourishing the body, soul and mind. Do yourself a favour and promptly add this uplifting future classic to your collection.  (O.B)

Other Rad Releases:


SAULT – Untitled (Black Is)
(Forever Living Originals)

What’s left to say? An assault on the senses of next level music drawing on gospel, post punk, hip hop & RnB, backing a message that chimes perfectly with the mood of our times. If you sleep on this you’ll never wake up. (O.B)

I, Ced – Interpretations (Mo Funk Records)

Debut LP from one of L.A.’s best kept secret; I, Ced. With an array of collaborations with DâM-FunK, Devonwho, Jean Grae, the prolific writer/producer/singer delivers a complete album, ranging from Soul to Funk to R&B. “Ced’s songs are cinematic, expansive, and lush, a world removed from simple loops with vocals on top.” This is a record ahead of its time.
– Walla P