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Exclusive Premiere: Alexey Lanvin “Your Eyes” (Gulf Point Records)

Modern Funk

Gulf Point’s expanding roster delivers a twist with the introduction of Vienna-based Alexey Lanvin.

Men’s fashion connoisseur by day, his new EP “One Look” diaries Alexey’s private persona as he broods over the octaves with acutely romantic flair.

His series of short online videos hint at a realm where long stares, midnight moods, and South Beach style are everyday fare – a vision fellow pastel chief and label boss Benny Badge simply couldn’t ignore. “One Look” opens this window to Lanvin’s electrifying world even further, his talking keyboards ready as ever to converse.

On ‘Your Eyes’, silky synth-harp arps set the scene quickly followed by a driving plastic kick and massive snare taking you straight to the 1980s. While an ominous inner-city funk adorns all songs, it’s ‘definitely Miami’ when the upbeat items arrive, suggesting his High Street antics are merely a front for his Downtown demeanour. Perfect to listen to on your yacht while living la dolce vita, drifting towards the horizon while the sunset paints the sky a dusty rose.

“One Look” released February 9, 2018 on Gulf Point Records

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