Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Edward Louis “Holy Spirit” (2000)

House / Techno

When it comes to scanning “spiritual house” music, I am almost equally excited as I am deterred. Part of me is eager to hear extremely energetic hooks, super-talented vocalists, funky baselines and infectiously uplifting themes, while my other side braces itself for the musical equivalent of potpourri: tacky lyrics, “soulful” stereotypes, over-the-top pop polish and bad sax solos.

This explains the long pause I took before adding this baby-blue sleeved 12” from the year 2000 (additional disincentives) to my already-overbearing listening pile, however I’m thankful I did.

Edward Louis’ Holy Spirit defies the odds of poor taste, as it proves to be a raw, gritty, dare-I-say badly EQ’d house joint, ideally targeted for the peak set times. In fact, I would even go a step further and wager the producer intended to demand the attention of after-party crowds. Everything from the pounding kicks, harsh claps and the oddly-timed, aggressively-passionate vocal roundabouts encourages uninhibited behaviour.

The Original Mix is best suited for late nights and is my personal favourite. If you’re looking to add it to your repertoire, you’ll have to buy the vinyl online (don’t worry, they’re dirt cheap), as only the remixes are available digitally and the record was transferred via broken mixer. At least it will come with a high-quality A Capella!



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