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DOC’TRIN presents: “Lonely Lovers IV” (The Restraining Order Edition)


Shortly after we completed the Lonely Lovers trilogy last year, Lexis and I thought it would be a good idea to vitalize future V-Day mixtapes with additional challenges. 

Don’t ask why, but one of the first sub-themes to surface from this great discussion (read: silly textathon) was a “Restraining Order Edition”, taking the traditional flavour of “romantic isolation” and seasoning it with “quirky and creepy over-zealousness”. Please keep in mind that we aim to entertain, not offend (though you probably shouldn’t blast these babies at work or anything).

This round also ditches song descriptions and awkward romantic confessions in favour of doubling up on the music. Here are 20 carefully curated tracks spanning styles from soul, jazz, funk, disco, new wave, house, etc. Enjoy 

P.S – Once you’re done listening, check out the Oran “Juice” Jones music video below. Classic. 

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Peep the classic Oran “Juice” Jones video



Doc'trin is a high-spirited DJ, party animal and all-around music lover who's survival is directly dependent on a daily intake of fresh tunes. Committed to sharing the joy of new discoveries with fellow addicts, he serves up the finest selection of Disco, Funk, Soul, House, Techno, R&B, Hip-Hop, World, Jazz and everything in between. No secrets, no ego, and no regrets. It's a love thang!