Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Janette Renee “What’s on your mind” (1979)


In the last wave of box set reissues, Luv’n’Haight & DJ Sureshot just released a crucial compilation called “Catch Action: The sophisticated boogie funk of Sheridan house records”.

As mentioned on the Ubiquity website, “The boxset compilation provides a comprehensive story of Kent Harris’ Los Angeles based label, releasing obscure yet timeless gems from the golden-era of modern soul, boogie and funk”.

One track really stood out for me in this collection of forgotten treasures: the soulful “What’s on your mind” by Janette Renee, originally released in 1979 on the B-side of the single “I’m gonna be your lover”, the only release from that wonderful singer. Right up there with the classics of the early 80’s, it’s hard to believe a single like this didn’t help her crossover into more mainstream success.

It’s actually one of the first songs DJ Sureshot discovered from the Sheridan label while digging in San Francisco. He got attracted by the quality of the production of that slow jam and started researching for more music from them, which led to the idea of doing a compilation of the best selection in the history of Sheridan House.

You can check out on discogs to buy one of the two versions of the single (a 45 and a 12” with different mix that you can find for somewhere between 30-50$), the limited edition boxset with 6×12” or the Double cd compilation on the Sheridan House bandcamp page and the Ubiquity website.

Track taken from the September edition of the Fresh Taste show



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