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Forgotten Treasure: Rob “Make It Fast, Make It Slow” (1978)

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Everybody around me knows how passionate I am about finding the original songs that have been sampled by my favorites beatmakers. I think this is something that a lot of us music nerds love doing. This obsession is the reason why I listen to so much different kind of music nowadays.

I took advantage of the fact that the great label Soundway Records put all they’re discography on bandcamp to listen to a compilation I had missed. A surprise was waiting for me on the wonderful “Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, funk & fusion in 70’s”.

The song “Make it fast, Make It Slow” by Rob has been sampled by J. Dilla (check out Guilty Simpson “Make It Fast” or the Jay stay Paid album). The beauty of the track, taken originally from the album with the same name, is much more than a Jay Dee sample, it’s simply a brilliant composition that makes you think how the heck people from Ghana in the 70’s could have such a futuristic approach to music. From the crazy vocals to the off beat constant bell in the background, combined with powerful horns & slick bass licks, it’s pretty hard to believe that song is more than 35 years old!

Soundway Records re-issued the full second Album from “Rob” on wax in 2012…. and my copy is in the mail! Afrobeat at his best!

Track taken from the latest edition of Kramos’ monthly “Fresh Taste” radio show. Check it here



Since his parents bought him a used "Pyramid" mixer more than 20 years ago, Kramos has always been a fiend to discover new music in every format possible and put mixes together. His first love was hip hop, but his tastes are now more eclectic than ever. The monthly show "Fresh Taste" with his friend MC Tank Pumpin' is proof of that.