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Future Classic: A Made Up Sound “Take The Plunge” (AMS 005)

House / Techno Techno UK Garage / Grime / 2step / Dubstep

A Made Up Sound “Take The Plunge”

If you’re not already familiar with Dave Huismans’ work, the man behind broken-beat moniker 2562 and dub techno alias A Made up Sound, you have a lot of catching up to do. Fresh off the release of his THIRD full length album as 2562 “Fever”, Huismans’ creative flow cannot be stemmed nor matched, and the balance between intellectual and club-banging weight he maintains with each release is just astounding.

It’s no surprise he has another masterpiece up his sleeve, this one coming from A Made Up Sound, awaiting release on his label of the same name. “Take The Plunge” literally throws you into the depths of his sound, circling and entwining his dutty dub rhythms with quivering, almost epileptic synths, the kind you’d only ever meet in the dark alleyways of your dreams. I foresee many ravers brukking the fuck out to this one, and you should too.

River Lance

River Lance

River is a Montreal-born, Vancouver-raised, lover of music. The youngest member of the MTL based DJ & Producer collective Knife & Fork, he brings a fresh, playful, mixing style to the tables, Strictly a selector at the moment, River's flavour resists the pinning of any genre, and rather takes form in it's ability to make people dance, wile-out, skank, and forget everything but the floor. Keep an eye out for this young-blood DJ behind decks near you, and on the pirate radio station Nasty FM every Saturday at 7 pm ET.