Future Classics

Future Classic: KiNK “Yako”

House / Techno

Ugggggghhhhhhh! Is it my impression or did we all sleep on this absolutely insane tune from 2011? Next…level. I want to cry. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was a collabo between two of my favorite producers: Butch (especially skilled at layering minimal house and/or tech beats to the point of rich hypnotic-abstraction) and Boddika (master of thrashy acidic demon-possessed techno).

Let’s just say if Yako was an olympic athlete, it would be escorted straight to the drug-testing clinic. You’ll find it’s pumped hard with a messy collage of air horns, whistles that sound like fireworks (or vice-vera), slow-pitched arcade game snippets (heard in a lot of Garage tunes) and even a dubby breakdown. Tailor-made for the peak of a set at either large music festivals (I can see this one going off at Montreal’s Piknic Electronik) or extremely filthy after-parties in almost-perfect darkness, either way: definite banger.

Don’t expect anything less from KiNK as he’s been consistently delivering very creative and forward-thinking releases over the past few years. I got hooked in 2010 with “Don’t Stop”, a track that samples Hercules And Love Affair’s “I Can’t Wait” and makes it even meaner, while “Reflections001” was one of my favorite house albums of last year.

Special note to collectors: There are only a couple of Leko/Yako records floating around and the cheapest one seems to be 33$ on Discogs.



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