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Future Classic: The Mole “Lockdown Party” (DJ Sprinkles’ Crossfaderama)

House / Techno

The bar had just closed it’s doors and I was packing up from spinning an 8-hour long R&B set. All this to say I wasn’t necessarily desperate to hear more music when my friend had commanded “Everyone stop everything, I have to show you the song of the summer”.

We’ve all been there right? We’ve all stumbled upon something so seemingly epic it blinds us with enough enthusiasm to make these kinds of outrageous claims in public. In fact, it is in these Jacques Cousteau-like moments that the lines between “quality of discovery” and “self-propelled excitement” get blurred. Nevertheless, my friend has excellent taste in music, so when he added “I don’t care how many Montreal DJs find out about this one. It needs to be played everywhere. All summer long”, I just knew this was going to be huge.

Canadian producer The Mole makes his debut on Perlon with Lockdown Party: a super-solid, deep-burning, trance-inducing house groove, incorporating repetitive disco chants, wolf cries and a creepy bass line that make for a truly ethereal dance floor wonder. There is only one problem: DJ Sprinkles steps up to the plate and completely smashes it right out of the park with her ‘Crossfaderama’ remix.

As if to say “this is not dark enough”, “this is not raw enough” and “this could get way creepier” DJ Sprinkles almost triples the original track length allowing for maximum play-time with a clever combination of effects (high pass filter, crossfader, etc.) that really give it that “live mix” feel. What a show stealer. The Mole seems too tame by comparison. You gotta love that new bouncy bass line that comes in at 6:19 as well! My friend was right, there is absolutely no denying this as the dirty house anthem of the summer.

Try to get a copy while they last and have a great weekend!

The Mole - Lockdown Party (DJ Sprinkles' Crossfaderama)


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