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Mix of the Day: Eddy Ramich “On A Rollercoaster Vol.4”

House / Techno

When I went to play at the Southern Soul Festival in Montenegro a couple weeks ago there was tons of people I was looking forward to meeting and Croatia’s Eddy Ramich was definitely one of the artists I was happy to finally meet.

The Zagreb based DJ & producer (Eddy meets Yanah) with a rich music background, incredible enthusiasm and passion to support good music saw him develop the music scene in the wider area making him one of key figures in central-eastern-southern European dance music scene.

After 17 years working on Zagreb’s Radio 101, last year he founded with friends a new station in Zagreb called Radio 808, where he is hosting several shows. (Shout out to our other friend Maja and her show Beat The Future also on Radio 808).

So without further ado, check out this really great mix from Eddy, as the title says it’ll take you on a rollercoaster of goodness!

01. art of tones – the right moment
02. hot coins – new beat ( ron basejam mix )
03. pablo valentino – one
04. titeknots – wordy
05. frits wentink – mouse
06. hausick – gospel
07. olav brekke mathisen – take to the sky
08. todd terje – strandbar ( beats )
09. tommy rawson – 7 days
10. lone – airglow fires
11. claes rosen – daydreamin
12. bas amro – soundkilla
13. moodprint – stroyboard ( full crate mix )
14. drumagick – rio drums
15. ogris debris – nighttrain ( swede:art mix )
16. swindle – do the jazz
17. swindle – ft terry walker – running cold
18. jessy lanza – kathy lee
19. the hics – tangle



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).