Guest Mixes

Guest Mix: MAD MATS (Local Talk, Sweden)


Ahhh yes! We’ve been waiting on this one for a while now. We bugged our good friend MAD MATS from Sweden for a few months to try and squeeze an exclusive guest mix out of him. It finally landed in the inbox today!

The description “a DJ’s DJ” fits perfectly with Mad Mats who is one of the best out there from a technical standpoint but also a true wizard of the eclectic / freestyle school of DJ-ing. If that wasn’t enough, he stands behind some of our favorite labels from the past few years such as Local Talk (which he runs with co-founder Tooli), Basic Fingers, G.A.M.M and the now defunct (but very influential) Raw Fusion.

We gave Mats an absolute carte blanche for his mix and he ran with it, 75 minutes of vibes filled with left and right turns. Quite a trip!

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1. MIMS Intro
2. Rare Silk – Red Clay (Polydor)
3. Mr Thing – Changes (First Word Records)
4. Jack McDuff – Magnetic Feel (Cadet)
5. Bigg Kid – Cuttin’ It Up (Roseville Music)
6. Gerard McMahon – Bad Times (Universal)
7. 9 Yards – Find A Way, Jay Dee Remix (Virgin)
8. Houston Person – I got No Eye For Back (Mercury)
9. Nu Guinea – Bougainvilles Live (Tartelet)
10. White Heat – Take A Look At Yourself (RCA)
11. Alma Brasileira – Prá Oxalá (CBS)
12. Aroop Roy – Ifa (Basic Fingers)
13. 7 Samurai – God’s Props, Panoptikum Mix (GAMM)
14. Main Hope – The Turnaround (Turbocapitalism)
15. George Duke – I Want You For Myself (edit)
16. Lay-Far – Lock and Rock, Mr Scruff Absolut Remix (Local Talk)
17. Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks – Kenny (2000 Black)
18. Zed Bias – Music Deep Inside (Swamp 81)
19. DJ Kawasaki ft. Jennifer Wallace – It’s Your World, Root Soul Remix (Extra Freedom)
20. Stanley Cowell – Come Sunday (Galaxy)



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).