Jazz Amnesty



When I first started really getting into jazz I noticed that my personal tastes would hit a ceiling around 1976.

After that year it seemed jazz went too fusion and the clean production sound combined with use of new technologies turned me off. Since the formation of the Jazz Amnesty Sound System I have been spending a lot of time researching and studying jazz music. In that time I have discovered a lot of amazing jazz music and artists whose catalog stretches way past that 1976 date and well into the 1980s (and beyond).

To help shine some light on this much maligned decade we decided to make a new mix that incorporated only jazz sounds from the 1980s. This collection includes tunes from newer faces of the era as well as later career explorations by some jazz legends.
In the end we have a fine collection that holds true to the essence of jazz but also incorporates the new technologies and recording techniques of the day. A classic 1980s jazz mix for the people.


  1. Soul Song – Archie Shepp – Enja (1983)
  2. Lovers – David Murray Big Band – Black Saint (1985)
  3. East Side – West Side – John Stubblefield – Enja (1986)
  4. C.T. Kangaroo – Ralph Towner – ECM (1983)
  5. Play Pen – Ralph MacDonald – Polydor (1984)
  6. Funky AECO – Art Ensemble Of Chicago – ECM (1985)
  7. Jean Pierre – Miles Davis – CBS (1982)
  8. Pieces Of Time – Milford Graves – Soul Note (1984)
  9. Passion, Grace & Fire – John McLaughlin / Al Di Meola / Pace De Lucia – Columbia (1983)
  10. Trigonometry – Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman – Geffen (1986)
  11. Something Special – The Sonny Clark Memorial Quartet – Black Saint (1986)
  12. Chimney Road – Karl Berger / Ed Blackwell / Dave Holland – Black Saint (1987)
  13. Maiden Dance – John Blake – Gramavision (1984)
  14. Africa – Sathima Bea Benjamin – Ekapa Records / IRMA Records (1983/2000)
  15. Dualism – Conjure ft. David Murray – American Clavé (1984)
  16. Fan Man – Bob Moses – Gramavision (1984)
Jazz Amnesty

Jazz Amnesty

The Jazz Amnesty Sound System (a.k.a. J.A.S.S.) are a couple of deep jazz heads from Montreal named Andy Williams & sweet daddy luv.