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lojii & Swarvy “DUE RENT” (Fresh Selects)


via Bandcamp: DUE RENT is a collaborative double album by solo artists lojii & Swarvy.

Recorded in the summer of 2016 in Los Angeles by the two Philly transplants, “this tape is a score to being a broke nxgga in AmeriKKKa (emphasis on the KKK) – full of dreams and hustlin’ to make ’em happen, but dealing with the everyday pressures of making ends meet. A.K.A trying to pay rent.”

‘Theres’s something of a “low stakes” quality to “Due Rent”—in a good way. Much of it summons the old-school feel of cassette beat tapes. Swarvy’s mix of dusty soul nods equally to 1970s Quiet Storm R&B and ’90s “boom-bap” hip-hop. lojii’s message of “getting by” is focused and plainspoken; even when he chides monetary excess, he never sounds pretentious. His rhymes feel sincere, and the producer’s jazz-infused tracks—“blok” and “potion” are two standout examples—rank among his best.

“Due Rent” is meant to serve a financial purpose, and it neither stumbles off that path nor reaches beyond its scope. In addition to showcasing lojii and Swarvy at the top of their respective games, “Due Rent” speaks to the monetary desperation we’ve all felt at some point. It’s a rap record with empathy.’ -Andrew Martin

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