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Future Classic: Lushlife “Magnolia”


One thing we do appreciate here at MIMS, is style. Whatever the music genre, heck, we love them all. So it’s not what you do that matters to us, but really how you flip it. And when it comes to style, indie rapper Lushlife has got it locked down, whether he is picking beats to rap on or working on a music video, like this one here:

Here’s what his team had to say about the video:

“Every word to “Magnolia” (188) was handmade using cardboard (discarded from grocery stores), hot glue guns, and paint pens.Random people at over 65+ locations and a handful of friends were used as rappers throughout the video. The video was done completely practical (no CGI) and wound up costing a little under $80.”

You can cop Lushlife’s latest album “Plateau Vision” here: http://westernvinyl.com/shop/

Yes Mccan

Yes Mccan

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