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OM UNIT (London, UK) “My Favourite Record Stores”

To celebrate this year’s Record Store day, we asked a few of our favourite music heads around the world to share a few of their digging spots.

This one comes from OM UNITone of the our favourite artists and one of the most versatile producers around!

Favorite Hometown Store:

218 High Rd, East Finchley,
London N2 9AY, United Kingdom


@om_unit: Alan’s – this spot is great for finding suprises.. there’s tons of classic dance records that no-one seems to go for, a good turnover of library stuff, exotica, leftfield beats and shed loads of classic hiphop. There’s also tons of reggae 45’s and dub albums, heavy jazz records and a healthy supply of CD’s for the car too!

Favorite International Store

PRIME CUTS (Bristol)


@om_unit: Prime Cuts – Bristol – largest selection of great records you will come across in a basement.

Favorite RIP Store

@om_unit: Disque in Angel was definately a one-stop shop for great records, mostly new stuff on the dance/soul/jazz/hip-hop tip, they were super friendly and always seemed keyed into new sounds and would know what you were after, just a good all round shop for bagging great albums and alike, they are i’m sure sorely missed

Link: Om Unit Soundcloud



Montreal-based DJ and the founder MusicIsMySanctuary.com (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).