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SKYWAY UPLINK — Show #002 w/ Diego (Hosted by dileta)

Presented by coolground founder dileta, SKYWAY UPLINK wires you out of routine and into a new simulation every season. You’ll find yourself whirling through winding lanes lit by all kinds of coloured gleams and glares.

Dileta & Diego team up to soundtrack your hyper space elevator ride to the moon and back, packing only an 160BPM iPod Classic full of high-emotional video game and anime gliders.


Yoshihiro Sawasaki – Snow Coast
Stones Taro – Press It Out
DJ Kim’s Convenience Store – Lets Learn Japanglish With Jungle Rhythm
Pariah – Blackout
Lnchps – Save State
CA$TLE – Damh
Gunjack – Is It A Crime? (feat. DIRT)
Hiroki Yamamura – Impulse (Gunjack Edit)
Kid Lib – Boomin
Amps – Miles Davis
岩崎琢 – どうせこんなのがスキでしょ?
Guchon – 穴水
Dub-One – Below
Ulterior Motive – Sideways
Dbridge – Things Change
Neel – Forza
Skeptical – Delusions of Grandeur
Jamm the Sixx Hold. – SOFTCREAM
Chiwa Saito – Futakotome
Carpainter – Night Boogie Song (Circle)
TeddyLoid – Fly Away (Taku & TeddyLoid For the Club Edit)
Flare – Parasympathetic Nervous System
Stefan Goldmann – Tickle In The Heart
UserWTV – Intro
Benny Rodrigues – Zomaar
John Selway – Novazoid
Mr G (record)
Player – Player 007 B1
BLACK GIRL / WHITE GIRL – Hot Mouth (Extended ‘138’ Mix)
Paul Johnson – a3 – submerged
Mirrorball – Given Up (Olav Basoski Whiners Quitters Losers Dub)
The Freak & Mac Zimms – Make A Move
Gaetano Parisio, Gaetek – The Advanced Series Vol. II B1 (Ken Ishii Re-Edit)
Crystal distortioN – Hoverboarded
Hideki Naganuma – HEAVEN★UP
Triptic – Funkhole
Ixindamix – Ultra Detroit
Ramadanman – Pitter
Quest – Stand
Kou Hayashi – 5 Questions
Dance System – Samb-A-Matic
Icedream pres. Kernel Panic Music – Groovy!
DV-i – Media Prototype (Text 888 For reinabe)
Dani Rev – biotech2
Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/Blue ft Kazu Makino



Dileta is an obsessive music digger, decks acrobat and bouncy ball from Montreal. They curate the Coolground event and mix series, host the monthly n10.as show Fragmentary, and the seasonal SKYWAY UPLINK show, all showcasing propulsive and angular leftfield body music.