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SKYWAY UPLINK — Show #001 (Hosted by dileta)

Presented by coolground founder dileta, SKYWAY UPLINK wires you out of routine and into a new simulation every season. You’ll find yourself whirling through winding lanes lit by all kinds of coloured gleams and glares.

This first installment is deeply inspired by the works of composer Hideki Naganuma and the Japanese bass scene, with a focus on pitched vocal chops, processed funk elements, video game nods, and ultra-electronic speed – let’s call it CYBERFUNK. Actual genres included: IDM, tech house, broken beat, wonky techno, speed garage, club, nu-disco, hardgroove techno, grime/RnG, ghetto house, hardcore, some hard to classify stuff.


Rei Harakami – Lust [Sublime Records]
Samuelspaniel – Dew [Boomerang]
Geo Rip – Signs Out [U-Udios]
Denki Groove – Ichigo Musume [Ki/oon]
Naco – Final Fantasy [self-released]
Off The Meds – Off the Meds [Off The Records]
Xtra Brux – Raw Nerve [self-released]
Stacey Sexton – Necessary Desire [All Centre]
Shin Nishimura – Schöner Montag [TOKTOK RECORDS]
Stones Taro – The Pase [self-released]
Silvanian Families – Mugip’11 [sabacan records]
2Deep – Rushing [Ripe & Ready Records]
Simian Mobile Disco – Space is Filled With Ringing [Delicacies]
C Powers – Brush Your Teeth [Sorry Records]
The Phantom’s Revenge – No More Human Pyramids [Teenage Riot Records]
Sergio Sergi – Rokbet [Rawthentic Music]
Ken Ishii – Perfect Memory (feat. Bryan Zentz) [70 Drums]
Subradeon – Rhythm Inside Rhythm [Subradeon Records]
Bordon – Anomaly (with P.Lopez) [Metro Xpress]
Carpainter – Rush [TREKKIE TRAX]
Boriqua Tribez- Black Shades (David Moleon Remix) [Basics]
Robert Natus & Arkus P. – Hardcore Salsa (Alegria Remix) [Spinnin’ Records]
Skankfunk – Needin’ U [Avex Mode]
Pete Ellison – The Cosmos (Carpainter Remix) [TREKKIE TRAX]
Dunman – Funk [Pondlife]
Wiley – South London (feat. Faultsz, Jon E Clayface, Ten Dixon, Blessed UK & Crafty 893) [CTA Records]
RnG ting – DO U WANNA (DAMPE FLEX) [self-released]
zonae. – i should have cheated [self-released]
Waxmaster Maurice – Check This Out [Super Rhythm Trax]
Hideki Naganuma – Sneakman (Toronto Mix) [Scitron Digital Content]
Aeon Flux – Unconscious Thoughts [Deep Seven]
Paranorman – No Poetry [Fusion Diagnostics]
AceMo – R U READY 4 THE … [self-released]
isagen – Throw The Egg [TREKKIE TRAX]
Hideki Naganuma – AIN’T NOTHIN’ LIKE A FUNKY BEAT [self-released]
Hujiko Pro – Molmot [sabacan records]
Guchon – 9999 [sabacan records]
Yoko Kanno – A sai en (Prettybwoy remix) [self-released]
Naco – 014 [85acid]
T5UMUT5UMU – Tsushima (Breaks) [self-released]
Limited Toss – Party Party [Merry Works]
Birol – Kavga [Paradoxe Club]
The Latch Brothers – Me Likey the Poom Poom [Scitron Digital Content]
Dance System – Can’t Stop (Lovin U) (Black Girl White Girl Remix) [self-released]
Tower Block Dreams – TDK [Warehouse Rave]
Chungo – Three Strikes [Dubridge Garage International]
Stones Taro – Depth [NC4K]
Paleface & Flukes – Club Slugs [Northern Line Records]
Killjoy – Wicked Selecta [JOYRIDE™]
Batsu & EVO+ – 泡沫 (VIP) [TREKKIE TRAX]



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